Team Meetings

Team Meeting & Design

  1. Purpose of Team Meetings

The purpose of Teem meetings is to build a spiritual community and become the body of Christ in order to minister to the Residents.

  1. Number of Team Meetings

Regardless of how many meetings are planned, the total amount of time spent together is between 34-36 hours. The number of Team meetings depends on the local circumstances. Usually 4-8 meetings, which may include an overnight retreat will make up the Team Formation.

  1. Activities Included in Team Meetings
  2. Theme/Scripture Discussion

Every meeting has a theme and related scripture. A time of reflection using the theme and scripture, followed by discussion by the full Team.

  1. Introductions

During the first meeting Team Members introduce themselves. Their response is to a list of prepared questions. If a Team Member misses the first meeting, he/she will have a chance to introduce themselves.

  1. Spiritual Formation and Small Group Sharing

A spiritual experience is an activity intended to move the team into an attitude that is open and vulnerable to the movement of the Spirit.

  1. Team Training Skits

There are many elements of training needed by every Team Member, regardless of the Team Position assigned. A way to have interesting, informative, and memorable Team training is the use of veteran Team members in “skits,” sharing their wisdom and experiences with newer Team members.

  1. Team Job Assignment Training

The meetings provide training for every Team Job assignment on the Kairos Weekend. Experience has shown that the Team is more likely to live in the Spirit when they are comfortable with their assignment.

  1. Kairos Guideline Training

Training regarding specific Kairos General and Spiritual guidelines, as well as Institutional guidelines/policies will be given during Team Formation.

  1. Department of Corrections / Bureau of Prisons Training

In West Virginia intuitions, religious volunteers are required to attend a mandatory training provided by the appropriate prison authority in order to understand the institutional guidelines. This is usually done at the institution upon arriving for the Kairos weekend.

  1. Agape

The Agape Coordinator will discuss the importance of Agape on the Kairos Weekend during Team meetings. The necessity for obtaining prayer commitments by the Team from the Christian community for the 72 Hour Prayer Vigil cannot be emphasized enough.

  1. Music

Every meeting includes music. Music is used for teaching the team songs used on the Weekend, and lifting the hearts of the Team into glorifying God.

  1. Meditation and Homily Rehearsal

Meditations and Homilies are rehearsed during Team meetings. The Team member assigned should be asked to lead it during one of the Team meetings. This is not a time for “critiquing” but assures the Kairos leadership there will be no surprises during the Kairos Weekend.