Team Leader

You may be viewing this section of our site because you have been selected to be a Kairos Inside Leader or you may just be interested in what a leader does. This part of the site is just a small sample of what makes a good leader. It is recommended that you read Sections 1, 2 & 3 in your Kairos Inside Program Manual for full details.

Your Advisory Council feels that you have a good blend of experience in the Kairos Method, coupled with an obedient and teachable spirit. They have prayerfully selected you for this sacrificial journey and trust that you will place yourself in the role of a servant leader.

They recognize that you may not have the best of skills in all areas, but hope that you will be a good student of the Karios process and will use the tools and training that Kairos has provided to prepare God’s team for this Kairos. So, pray, study, use the gifts of the Team members, and extend yourself on behalf of the Team to prepare them for their acts of servanthood. That spirit makes you qualified!