Team Assignments

Prayer, Prayer, Prayer

Talk Assignments

Avoid the temptation to select polished speakers. Remember, these are God’s speakers! Look for persons who will be sincere and vulnerable. New team members often give great talks.


Chapel Assignments

Chapel activities (prayer, scripture, meditations, etc.), are opportunities to involve as much of the team as possible. Team members who aren’t giving talks can still have a part in speaking from their obedient faith.


Team Position (Job) Assignments

Team positions needed to conduct a weekend are dependent on the particular institution, its unique requirements and the leader’s success in recruiting volunteers for the team.


Support Team Assignments

The make-up of the Support team will vary according to the needs of the institution and the weekend team. In institutions where Kairos is allowed to provide food, the support team’s responsibility is significant.

Assigning the support team members specific participants to pray for during the weekend is an excellent way to focus on something special while carrying out their many tasks.



One of the key responsibilities of the team is to understand the critical nature of Agape and to ensure that proper preparations are being made to connect the greater body of Christ to the opportunity for communicating that love to the participants on the Kairos weekend.