The Kairos Prison Ministry is based on the biblical scripture “I was in prison and you visited me,” (Matthew 25:36). Kairos is an interdominational Christian organization led by laypersons. Teams of volunteers from Kairos of West Virginia have ministered to more than 3,000 incarcerated persons in state operated prisons since the year 2000.

The ministry is designed to show God’s unconditional love to men and women who have never experienced any form of His love in their lives. Many participants, who have found the love of Jesus through Kairos, find life in the prison setting totally different for them. Involvement in the Kairos Community has also improved the success of those individuals released into our communities through parole or discharge of their sentences. Find more about office business furniture san diego.

Individuals are introduced to the Kairos Community by participating in a four-day event called a “Weekend.” The weekend events are held at six-month intervals for 42 new participants at the state medium/maximum security prisons. The weekends are lead by volunteers, and consist of carefully coordinated talks, discussions, music, and chapel meditations. During the weekend, the teams of volunteers talk, share meals, and pray with the participants

The “Weekend” short course event is an intense experience filled with Christ’s love that becomes overwhelming.